Why Murphy Beds Are Your Best Choice

With advances in technology, Murphy Beds have come a long way in terms of style, safety, and functionality.

Since the outbreak of Covid, wall bed installations have increased, due to the necessity of working at home. People have had to consider reclaiming valuable floor space, especially in smaller living spaces where space-saving wall beds are particularly useful.

What Are the Benefits of Murphy Beds?

Murphy Beds are able to fold up, utilising unused vertical space on your walls, which greatly improve the versatility of your room.

Thanks to advances in design, Murphy Beds use a system in which your mattress remains whole.  For this reason, your spare bed can remain comfortable, as it will fit a higher quality mattress.

What Are the Benefits of Murphy Beds?

With a Murphy Bed, your room can be used for multiple purposes. Your guest room doesn’t have to sit unused, waiting for guests to arrive. The bed can be folded away to use the space as an office, play room, exercise area, or something else.  Your home office can easily become a cozy bedroom for house guests, by adding a wall bed.

Easy to Use

You may be wondering how easy a Murphy Bed is to open and close.  With the innovative spring system, the bed can be balanced perfectly, making for fingertip control, which in turn is very safe and reliable.

What We Are Able to Offer

The best part of Murphy Beds is the level of customisation available. The bed can be designed as an individual unit, or part of a larger custom cabinet. Beds are available in all sizes and various finishes to compliment your existing décor.  There are many designs available to inspire you to choose something that reflects your style, needs and budget.

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